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During the time when I was training for early seasons of Ninja Warrior, some of my workouts became extremely targeted. Having 1 chance, 1 time a year to test your might literally forces you to get creative (and a bit crazy)! Some of my ninja folk train full-time for this national, monster game show, not to mention own & operate some of the neatest ninja gyms around the country. Even as an early competitor, the brief movement fired up my interest in health and really allowed me to get in touch with my mind & body.

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While I do my best to maintain a healthy lifestyle, I know it is not always easy! There are certainly many factors to consider. Trying to keep things light, I’ve compiled several “shortcuts” on the site that can be used to aid your workouts. While not for everyone, this visual way of thinking is what I use to target specific muscle groups. Continuously learn & always challenge yourself. Stronger tomorrow!