Finalized hi-fi shots from France added to archives. Mobile-friendly. //

Japan 2016

Finalized hi-fi shots from Japan added to archives. Mobile-friendly. //

Paul John Fitness Refresh

During the time when I was training for early seasons of Ninja Warrior, some of my workouts became extremely targeted. Having 1 chance, 1 time a year to test your might literally forces you to get creative (and a bit crazy)! Some of my ninja folk train full-time for this national, monster game show, not to mention own […]

Smarthome Security Closet

LOCK IT DOWN [ ” >> Somebody broke in and cleaned out your crib. Boy, whatcha gon’ do? Act a fool. << ” -Luda ] Here I’ll go into setting up an always connected “Smarthome” w/ IP cameras that will allow you to keep tabs on things from anywhere, all on budget-friendly terms and no monthly fees. […]

KING Music Video

BEAM IN. A little behind the scenes of my "3P0P - KING" indie music video. DP: Benjamin Conley The “1NF0RM4T10N” is a masked version of a real voicemail message from a registered sex offender who is now deceased, delivered to me by an 4ssociate. THE KING Casting is always a lot of fun, especially when this guy shows up … Video  […]

Hack Your Lack

I’ll keep this one simple. The Raise is a tried & tested hack. It’s cheap, easy, & it works! Here’s what you need… Ditch the (2) side pieces. Drill holes for your bolts. You can adjust based on your gear. Add your nuts & bolts. CHECK AND MATCH YOUR CLEARANCE. IT’S SUPER EASY TO ADJUST!

100 sqft Music Studio

10×10 Bedroom to 9.96×9.96 Music Studio Soundproof those walls if you need it loud, -OR-, Be an (4$$)hole and disturb your good-spirited war veteran neighbor. Green Glue is evenly applied behind the drywall. “The compound’s unique properties act as a damping material to dissipate the vibrations caused by sound waves as they travel through ceilings, walls and floors.” “It is the […]

NES Garage Floor

Following my White/Black/Red color theme, my garage flooring blueprint quickly fueled and made sense of a blast from the past. The tiles (Rubber Flooring Inc.) are 1 sqft each and snap together with a rubber mallet. Alternatively, there’s the stomp-punch if you’re in a hurry. (70) MIDNIGHT BLACK // (134) GUNMETAL // (15) ARCTIC WHITE // (131) VICTORY RED […]